"Available for dinner, theatre, and other social occasions. Disease free."

(according to Harry's profile)

Harry is 20 and still lives at home with his messed-up, work-driven suburban mum and dad.

But there's something about Harry that even they don't know - because they hardly ever listen to him. The son they forget, and often ridicule, is gay. And the money he brings home he earns as an escort through his online profile, Young Lad on Old Street.

So, while Harry might desire love and affection, his life instead is one of dodgy businessmen, hardened gangsters and the pain of unrequited love.

Can a boy ignored at home find the love he needs at work? Can Harry blossom into a new man with a bright and loving future?


Find out for yourself. Enter the world of Harry, in Young Lad on Old Street...

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"A Candide for our time" - Harry's not your usual gay hero. Far from it.

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