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"Refreshingly not restricted to a tiny socio-economic group or locale, this tale of young Harry's adventures across London make a sequel worth looking forward to: a Candide for our time"

(Amazon Review - 4 stars)

 Harry is a non-achiever, at least so far as his high-performing parents are concerned, but their talents don’t extend much to parenthood or creating an idyllic marriage. Perhaps that’s why Harry takes to sex for a living, turning a trick as a gay escort, the eponymous Young Lad on Old Street.


It’s a murky business in the course of which Harry meets Frank, a dubious entrepreneur from London’s seedier side. Frank draws Harry into a world where he’s swindling his best friend’s widow, whose interests the naive Arthur is seeking to defend, and where they attract the attention of psychotic gangsters.


Everyone’s after a buck and Frank’s after Harry too, but Harry is star-struck by the unfortunate Arthur. All this while everything’s cratering at home.


Will Harry come out unscathed?


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