Best gay podcast? Big Gay Fiction Podcast gets our vote

One thing I've found in working with Young Lad on Old Street in particular is just what a great community the LGBT writing/bookselling/publishing fraternity is.

Whether going to an event like Paul Burston's Polari Literary Salon, or working with the guys at Gay's The Word in London, I've found everyone to be incredibly supportive of each other.

So I was delighted this week to come across a Californian podcast called Jeff and Will's Big Gay Fiction Podcast, which is run by married couple Jeff Adams and Will Knauss. The podcast focuses on M/M romance fiction and comprises a happy blend of personal chemistry, book reviews, previews of events and interviews with authors. It's a happy -and informative - programme.

50 episodes and still going strong

As I write, these guys are celebrating over 50 episodes, with a new podcast released every Monday. I really like what they do and the way they bounce off each other as they discuss each issue's subject matter. What works best though is when they talk with different authors and what drove them to write a particular novel.

Author interviews

In episode 50, which I watched today, there was a particularly interesting interview with JR Barten and her new book Unf;nished. The novel deals with the impact of bi-polar disorder on relationships and highlights what can happen for someone with this disorder when things go wrong.

The author interview was revealing because Barten was brutally frank in talking about how her wife of 15 years also suffers from this disorder. It's not likely reading a book, sometimes, that one can step back and think of the author's own experience so it was moving to learn of what inspired Barten in this instance.

In Unf;inished (which incorporates the semi-colon as a symbol of bi-polar suffering), we also learn from the podcast that Barten's wife wrote the foreword. So, in interviewing authors and sharing their experiences - including descriptions of the writing process - Big Gay Fiction Podcast is really enlightening and in a way which is approachable and reflective.

The episode also featured a preview of Banned Books Week with Lisa from reviewing site, The Novel Approach with a selection of recommended reading for the Autumn (Fall).

A delightful cocktail

The structure of each episode of Big Gay Fiction Podcast is a delightful cocktail of entertainment, homeliness, serious reviews and insight into the MM fiction market. I particularly like the beginning of each episode, it's rather akin to the first sip one takes from a pint of beer - invigorating, refreshing and full of potential enjoyment in the session to come.

As it says on the site, "Jeff Adams and Will Knauss are husbands and authors who created the podcast for readers and writers of gay romance fiction. If you can read it, write it, watch it or listen to it, they’ll talk about it. To learn all about the hosts, listen/watch episode 1, which is their origin story."

I wish Big Gay Fiction Podcast every success. It's lasted a year already and so charge your glasses and wish it many more years of success!

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